The Icb by Wendy Gruber
Nestled close to the San Francisco Bay, toward the North end of Sausalito, is a landmark historic building steeped in the area's ship building roots, and rekindled by the creative juices of a vibrant community of artists. The building is officially known as the industrial Center Building, but locals know it as "ICB Building" or they simply call it "the ICB"

As illustrated by the historic photo shown here (click on it for a closer view), the ICB Building sits just a couple of hundred yards from the Bay, in an area of Sausalito, California that is called Marinship because of the kind of ship building activity that took place here during World War II. (Please visit the History page for more details on our building's glorious past.)

Because of its generous and flexible industrial style spaces, the ICB has become the creative and commercial home for artists of all kinds including painters, sculptors, fabric artists, photographers, multimedia producers, sound studios and much more. (Please explore our Tenant Directory for a complete list.)

You can easily understand why some people call the ICB, the "Tribeca of Sausalito."

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